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The KANNO Aya LJ Community

The KANNO Aya LiveJournal Community
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This is a community for fans of the mangaka KANNO Aya and her works, which include Soul Rescue (licensed in the US by Tokyopop) and Otomen (currently running in BetsuHana).

Though not as prolific or well-known as many artists, Kanno-sensei’s talent is hard to miss, even with just a glance at a page of her work. Her stories are usually short, often no more than two volumes. With Otomen, however, she may be heading into lengthier territory.

This community is meant to spread the love for this wonderful mangaka and you can fangirl (or fanboy) here, as well as post scans, information, fanart/fic, and the like. Rules are necessary in the scheme of things, but I’m hoping they’ll be largely unneeded. Be nice, use cuts and warnings for mature content and spoilers, and have a good time.

Eventually the community will have memoried posts for obtaining Kanno-sensei’s work, etc. If you’re interested in affiliating, just let the mod know. Thanks!
–KANNO Aya's official blog–